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I myself am a teen just like any other, and deal I with the same everyday issue that we all deal with. The major issue is…my skin.

Spots, Breakouts, Oiliness, Redness. The list seems to go on forever!!!

I’ve experimented in everything possible but theirs no stopping them. Until I tried Dermalogica’s brand new Clean Start range specifically made for us teens!

Since I’ve had the privilege to try it and test it on my own skin, I also want to give that chance to you.

What is clean start?


Clean start is a new range of products produced by Dermalogica which targets teen and young adult skin. As a teenager you want your skin to look perfectly flawless at all times but we know this is not the case. So when we do get spots and breakout we want something that will take them away as soon as possible and tend to go for the harshest acidic products to eliminate these spots.

Products like these do get rid of your spots but also strip the skin of all oils and contain harsh chemicals and artificial colouring and fragrances which are harmful to our skin. When the skin dries we tend to pick at our spots and flake them off which leads to more problems and scarring. On top of this girls start trying to cover it with makeup and start wearing thick layers of foundation which blocks all their pores causing more spots to occur.

You can see it kind of like a cycle and even though you are treating your skin you do other things which cause more spots to grow. Where as Clean start uses all natural products and does not remove any excess moisture from the skin. So they won’t dry up for you to peel them away. What we need for our skin is a skin regime which helps control our skin on a daily bases and this is what clean Start provides.

Who can use clean start?

  • Clean start is for all teenagers. It can be used by people from the age of 10 to early 20’s.
  • Also the products are not only for girls, Boys also like to look good and care for their skin just as much as girls do and at times maybe even more.
  • Clean Start are unisex products and can be used by all, boy or girl.

How does clean start differ from other products?

  • The main difference in Clean Start is the chemicals used.
  • They are very kind to the skin and all the chemicals are completely 100% natural.
  • Clean Start is different from other Dermalogica products. It is there first range which is made for teenage skin. Clean start is also much more affordable for teens than other Dermalogica products and doesn’t expose the skin to strong products too soon.

How do you use clean start?

  • Clean Start is a skin health maintenance system. Our skin needs a regime to stick to and this is what clean start products provide.
  • There are 8 products and they are broken down into 3 groups. A good healthy skin regime should contain and morning, evening and weekly care system for our skin.
  • These 8 products fall into these three groups.


1. Get clean- Wash off and All Over Clear

Wash off:

  • Foaming wash cleans deep and banishes breakouts from face, back or wherever.
  • Clears trapped oils
  • Wipes out breakout causing bacteria
  • Prevents future breakouts

Use morning and night

2. Target Issues- Ready Set Scrub, Bedtime For Breakouts, Hit the Spot

Ready, Set, Scrub:

  • This is a masque/ scrub duo that delivers smoother, clearer, and fresher skin
  • It’s a masque and scrub in one
  • Fights breakouts and refines pores

Spread a smooth layer over clean face and allow it to set for 5-7 minutes. Dampen fingers and massage gently and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Follow with all Over Clean Toner.

Bedtime for Breakouts

  • Night time treatment to wipe out future breakouts
  • Reduces redness and under surface congestion.
  • Reduces redness and under surface congestion.
  • Purifies, gently exfoliates and cleans to ensure you awake with less congestion, breakouts and reduces redness. Blend a thin layer before going to sleep and allow it to absorb. Cleanse with Wash Off in the morning.

Hit the Spot:

  • Concentrated spot treatment
  • Minimises and controls breakout activity

Before moisturizing, apply directly on spot and allow it to dry. Apply every 6-8 hours as need until breakout clears.

3. Protect Skin- Welcome Matte SPF15, Brighten Up SPF15

Welcome Matte SPF15:

  • Say goodbye to shine without drying skin
  • Use daily to help keep skin clear and shine free
  • Protects from skin ageing UV rays

After cleansing with Wash Off and toning with All Over Clear, spread a smooth layer over entire face and neck. Avoid eye area.

Brighten Up SPF15:

  • Multi tasking lotion
  • Contains natural tint and shimmer without shine
  • UV protection
  • Providing perfect amount of hydration.

After cleansing with Wash Off and toning with All Over Clear, spread a smooth layer over entire face and neck. Avoid eye area.